The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand

The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand

The media have created distrust among the population

The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand to the media that have created mistrust between the population and the armed forces. These began to defame after the failed uprising in June in the Amhara region.

On the other hand, Mohammed Tessema, the general director of Adoctrinamiento in the Defense Forces, has underlined the good work of the Army to restore stability after the assault.

For this reason, he has announced that the Army has finalized its preparations to file lawsuits against the media responsible for defaming the Armed Forces.

Certainly, Mohammed has confirmed that his office has gathered evidence to file such charges. Also, he has added that they work to restore peace in the country.

The death of Asaminew Tsige and the beginning of the conflict

Asamnew Tsige was the person who promoted the assault in Amhara. He died on June 24 during an operation around the capital of Amhara, Bahir Dar. Also, six senior Ethiopian officials were killed.

The problem is related to the historical disagreements between neighbouring states. Certainly, everything started when the reformist Abiy Ahmed came to power.

In conclusion, The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand due to there a people who defame false information.

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Sudan and the opposition must increase their efforts to overcome their differences

Sudan and the opposition must increase their efforts to overcome their differences

The political crisis in Sudan

Last Tuesday, July 2, the AU and the Ethiopian government made an urgent request. They think that Sudan and the opposition must increase their efforts to overcome their differences.

Both parts have to achieve a solution to the political crisis in the country. Unfortunately, it was intensified after the massacre of demonstrators in early June.

Relations between Ethiopia and AU

Certainly, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, and the President of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, have achieved great progress in the negotiations despite the difficult circumstances.

In addition, they thanked all the political and social people in the African country for helping and accelerating the finalisation of the political agreement.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian government and the AU presented a new proposal to try to solve the political crisis in Sudan. They are trying to facilitate the resumption of direct contacts between the two sides.

Unfortunately, the massacre resulted in more than 110 deaths, although the Sudanese authorities have officially confirmed only 61 deaths.

It is true that the repression against the sit-in caused the opposition to cut off its participation with the junta to reach an agreement until they have the future elections.

Also, after the death of 10 demonstrators during clashes last Sunday, June 30, the situation has worsened.

In fact, the coalition of opposition forces has announced their plans to intensify its protests. They want to pressure the military junta to give the power to a civilian government.

In conclusion, this critical situation is causing international pressure. For example, the AU and Ethiopia announced that they are separating from Sudan until there is a civil administration. For this reason, Sudan and the opposition must increase their efforts to overcome their differences.

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Ethiopia appoints the successor of Seare Mekonnen

Ethiopia appoints the successor of Ambachew Mekonnen

Adem Mohammed, the new successor

Last week there was a disgrace for the population of Amhara, Ethiopia. During an attempted coup in Amhara on June 22, mercenaries killed the Chief of General Staff. For this reason, Ethiopia appoints the successor of  Seare Mekonnen.

New changes in the country

First of all, the Ethiopian authorities on Friday, June 26, appointed the current head of the security and intelligence services, General Adem Mohammed, as successor.

In addition, the Government has also arrested of nearly 255 suspects, including a prominent Amhara spokesman, Christian Tadele, of Amhara National Movement (NAMA). It is a political formation opposed to the current Amhara advocacy party.

The Ethiopian government has confirmed the arrests in connection with the thwarted coup in Amhara, where Seare Mekonnen and two other senior regional officials died while trying to stop the attempt.

On the one hand, most of the arrests have taken place in Amhara’s capital Bahir Dar.  On the other hand, 43 people have been arrested in Addis Ababa. Also, the security forces have also found 27 Kalashnikov and several pistols.

The prime minister, Abiy Ahmed has confirmed that there won’t be new arrests at the moment.

Other new facts

Apart from the appointment of the new president, there were other changes. The Government of Ethiopia has appointed:

  • The Air Force Chief Demelash Gebremichael as the new head of intelligence services.
  • The General Mola Hailemariam as the new Infantry Chief.

Unfortunately, Ethiopia is in a difficult situation and they need the support of all countries.

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What languages are spoken in Ethiopia?

What languages are spoken in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, there are more than 80 languages. Certainly, there are official languages, foreign languages and other indigenous languages. Anyway, Oromo and Amharic are the two main languages in the country.

In this situation, we will try to answer the question: What languages are spoken in Ethiopia?

The different languages in Ethiopia

First of all, there are approximately 88 different languages in the country.

Certainly, of the 88 languages in the country, two are extinct while 86 are still alive. Of the remaining 86 languages, 5 are nearly extinct, 8 are endangered, 14 are developing, 18 are vigorous and 41 are institutional.

It is true that the most important language is English. Also, it is the language of instruction in universities and secondary schools. Originally, Amharic was the medium of instruction in primary schools, but this has changed in many parts of the country and has so far been replaced by other local languages.

The most widely spoken languages

According to the 2007 Ethiopian census:

  • The first and most important languages are:
    • Oromo with approximately 24,930,424 of the population speaking the language (33.8%).
    • Amharic with users 21,634,396 (29.3% of the population). The federal laws are in this language.
  • The other languages spoken are:
    • Somali
    • Tigrinya
    • Sidamo
    • Wolaytta
    • Gurage

The endangered languages

Unfortunately, languages such as Mesmes, Gafat and Weyto are victims of language death. It is a fact that many languages are vulnerable to extinction. The ongota language is the next most endangered. We can confirm that approximately 22 languages are on the endangered list.

Conservation of Ethiopian languages

After the fall of the Derg in 1991, the Ethiopian Constitution of 1995 allowed all ethnic groups in the country to establish primary education systems in the mother tongue.

Fortunately, the decision marks a change in the language policies implemented previously. The Ge’ez script is the main orthography for writing systems. In addition, over the years, other writing methods have been used in different communities.

In conclusion, we must try to preserve the linguistic wealth of Ethiopia and all the countries of the world. Also, it is attractive for the tourists and a benefit for the country.

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Opposition politicians announced the possible postponement of the 2020 elections in Ethiopia

Opposition politicians announced the possible postponement of the 2020 elections in Ethiopia

The possible postponement of the general elections

Last week, the opposition politicians announced the possible postponement of the 2020 elections in Ethiopia. Certainly, these elections would be the first since Abiy Ahmed’s arrival as prime minister.

In addition, the electoral commission ensures that the insecurity has caused nearly 2.4 million displaced people. For this reason, it could lead to a postponement of the elections.

A curious fact to highlight is that the national census has been postponed twice. This fact could seriously affect the vote and the final results.

For this reason, several opponents have confirmed that a postponement could provoke a disgrace: an adverse social response; a feed regional conflicts; damage the image of Abiy Ahmed; a critical situation inside the country; etc.

In addition, Abiy has launched a reform campaign. It includes the release of activists; the lifting of the multiparty ban; and the opening of trials against officials accused of human rights violations and corruption.

These measures came after three years of successive protests against the government.

Why are conflicts increasing?

Next, you will discover the diversity of opinions and therefore the situation of uncertainty that exists in Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, the Election Commission Chairman, Birtukan Mideksa, said that the elections are behind schedule.  She said that if there is no security, the country cannot encourage people to vote.

Above all, a spokeswoman for the agency, Soleyana Shimeles, stressed that the elections will be held on schedule.

On the other hand, Belete Mola, vice-president of the Amhara National Movement, said: “This is an illegitimate government and has no mandate to postpone the election”.

In conclusion, we can confirm that there is a critical situation due to there are many different opinions. Obviously, opposition politicians announced the possible postponement of the 2020 elections in Ethiopia, but there are other people that think totally the opposite.

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As we have more information, we will continue to inform you about this topic.

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