The famous Ethiopian Fish Cutlet!

The famous Ethiopian Fish Cutlet

The traditional recipe of Fish Cutlet

The famous Ethiopian Fish Cutlet consists of cooking a steamed fish chopped with spices, combined with potatoes and fried.

Please, see below our own recipe, we hope you like it!

Ingredients (4 people)

All necessary to cook the fish: 2 Green chillies, 1 small ginger, 3 Garlic cloves and 3 Rawa fillets.

All necessary to cook the base: 1 small ginger, 4 Peppercorns, 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 potato boiled, 100 gms bread crumbs, 2 Garlic cloves, 1 Egg, 1 Chilli, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 Bread slice, water, 1/2 Lemon, and oil.

Procedure (cooking time:

Firstly, in order to cook the fish, you have to steam the fish in a strainer with boiled water, ginger, green chilly, garlic and cover the pan.

On the other hand, in order to prepare the base, you must mix the bread crumbs, egg, garlic, ginger, green chillies, fresh mint leaves, salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, slice of bread, refined oil and juice of half lime in a blender.

Then, smash fennel and black pepper, add them into blender. Add a little waterand the steamed fish and blend them together. Finally, transfer them into a bowl and add one boil potato.

Once this is done, keep it in the fridge for 10 minutes. After, fry the cutlets both sides and serve it.

In conclusion, the famous Ethiopian fish chop is easy to cook and also very tasty. It is a perfect dish to cook with family. There are many recipes typical of Ethiopian cuisine.

We hope you cook this recipe or you have the oportunity to travel to the territory to taste the dish. If you choose the last option, do not forget to apply for a visa to enter Ethiopia.

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Culture and customs of Ethiopia

Culture and customs of Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a world to discover

We would like to show you the great cultural diversity of this country. Certainly, in this article you can find some curiosities about culture and customs of Ethiopia.

Next, we are going to talk you about the dressing, the music, the sports and the language.


Traditional women’s clothing is made with shemma, a fabric used to make the popular costume called habesha qemis. Many times they include bright threads into the garment to achieve a touch of elegance. Also, they often use shama and kuta fabrics.

On the other hand, both men and women wear shawls and for the church, women should not drive their hair, so they use a netela. They also use a shawl on their shoulders exposing a cross or meskelya, made of bright threads at the edges.

They use all kinds of bracelets and necklaces made of gold and silver.

Certainly, nowadays it is very common that people dress in the western way, leaving their traditional dress only for celebrations.


In Ethiopia there is a great typology of music and there are a lot of musical instruments. Each ethnic group is associated with a sound that can identify and differentiate it from others.

It is necessary to mention that many of the pieces of traditional music have an influence of popular music from other regions such as Somalia.


The sport with more popularity is athletics. The country has several medals won in the Olympic Games. Also, football is gaining importance in society.


The official language is Amharic, a Semitic language. Certainly, approximately 27 million people use this language. In addition, the language that is most used is the oromo.

We hope that this article has made you want to discover more about the culture and customs of Ethiopia. Please, be in mind that you will need an Ethiopia tourist visa if you decide to travel to the territory.

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Four people killed in clashes between security forces and the Sidama

four people killed in clashes

Four people killed in clashes

We would like to inform you about the terrible events that happened in Ethiopia last week. Unfortunately, there have been four people killed in clashes between security forces and the Sidama community.

Different data and opinions

Firstly, the Ethiopian authorities have confirmed the deaths of 4 people due the Sidama fight to be a new independent region in the country.

On the other hand, hospital sources through the British television network BBC have announced that the total number of deaths has been 25 people.

Also, opposition groups and activists have confirmed up to 60 fatalities.

The real facts

Both sides are to blame, since the security forces and the Sidamas killed people.

Regardless of these facts, the leader Sidama decided to postpone the proclamation of independence after the electoral commission assured a referendum.

Certainly, the Ethiopian Constitution guarantees the right to hold referendums. However, the community of Sidamas granted a period of time without the Ethiopian authorities having organized the referendum.

Growing instability

Ethiopia has reached instability in recent months. For this reason, the central authorities fear episodes of inter-community violence. The emergence of new demands for autonomy could weaken the central administration.

We will inform you about the new facts and the evolution. Above all, do not forget to apply for an Ethiopia tourist visa in case you travel to the country.

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How to move around Ethiopia?

How to move around Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country with a large geographical area that has an incredible cultural richness. For this reason, if you travel to Ethiopia you must use public transport, one of the most common, or private transport.

The transport: How to move around Ethiopia?

First of all, you can find the plane. Certainly, Ethiopian Airlines connects major cities and major tourist attractions. This company is not cheap and schedules are not exact since the punctuality is not their strong point.

On the other hand, you can find the bus, the transport necessary to reach some of the main attractions of northern Ethiopia. There are two types of buses: public and private.

The main difference between both buses is the quality, comfort and convenience.

In addition, you can use the interurban transport. For example, in Addis Ababa you can find mini blue buses, taxis and tuktuks. If you use this type of transport, you must negotiate the price very well. Be carefull with the Ethiopian language and its deceptions.

Also, you can find the railway, ideal for traveling from Addis Ababa to Djibouti.

Finally, you can choose the most expensive option of transport: private transport. You have two option: rent a car for your own use or rent a car with the driver included.

The roads of Ethiopia

We inform you that the roads of Ethiopia are complicated. There are roads in good condition, but most of them are in poor condition.

In conclusion, you have many transport options, although we recommend that you choose the safest and most reliable ones.

Now you know how to move around Ethiopia so you’re ready to visit the country. Be in mind you will need an Ethiopia tourist visa online to travel.

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Boeing reduces deliveries due to the crisis of the 737 MAX

Boeing reduces deliveries due to the crisis of the 737 MAX

Delivery reductions in June

Boeing has been forced to reduce the number of commercial aircraft deliveries. They have decided to reduce 37% in the first half of the year. It is a fact that Boeing reduces deliveries due to the crisis of the 737 MAX. The plane was suspended after two serious accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Certainly, in March, Boeing made a total of 54 deliveries, 40% less than the 90 units delivered in the same month in 2018. In addition, in April it delivered 23 aircraft and in May 30.

On the other hand, his competitor Airbus has formalized 389 commercial aircraft deliveries in the first half of the year.

Also, Boing has not received any orders, although IAG, the group of Iberia and British Airways, has signed a letter of intent to incorporate 200 737 MAX aircraft into its fleet.

Will the 737 MAX return?

An American Bank JP Morgan report confirms that the non-delivery of 737 MAX will have a negative impact of $1 billion on Boeing’s 2019 cash flow forecast.

In addtion, this year the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has identified a new potential risk in the planes. They detected the error during a simulator test.

Finally, the aviation industry has determinated that aviation regulators will decide when the veto will be lifted on the Boeing 737 MAX. They will analyze the changes in the software of the aircraft and if everything is correct make a final decision.

In conclusión, Boeing reduces deliveries due to the company has problems in their aircraft software. They have to resolve the situation and they must fight to increase their income.

Both accidents, one in Ethiopia and the other one in Indonesia have been great misfortunes. Anyway, you should not be afraid to travel to Ethiopia, for example, because you have other airlines. For this reason, we want to recommend that you plan your trip and you obtain an Ethiopian tourist visa.

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