Boeing reduces deliveries due to the crisis of the 737 MAX

Delivery reductions in June

Boeing has been forced to reduce the number of commercial aircraft deliveries. They have decided to reduce 37% in the first half of the year. It is a fact that Boeing reduces deliveries due to the crisis of the 737 MAX. The plane was suspended after two serious accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Certainly, in March, Boeing made a total of 54 deliveries, 40% less than the 90 units delivered in the same month in 2018. In addition, in April it delivered 23 aircraft and in May 30.

On the other hand, his competitor Airbus has formalized 389 commercial aircraft deliveries in the first half of the year.

Also, Boing has not received any orders, although IAG, the group of Iberia and British Airways, has signed a letter of intent to incorporate 200 737 MAX aircraft into its fleet.

Will the 737 MAX return?

An American Bank JP Morgan report confirms that the non-delivery of 737 MAX will have a negative impact of $1 billion on Boeing’s 2019 cash flow forecast.

In addtion, this year the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has identified a new potential risk in the planes. They detected the error during a simulator test.

Finally, the aviation industry has determinated that aviation regulators will decide when the veto will be lifted on the Boeing 737 MAX. They will analyze the changes in the software of the aircraft and if everything is correct make a final decision.

In conclusiĆ³n, Boeing reduces deliveries due to the company has problems in their aircraft software. They have to resolve the situation and they must fight to increase their income.

Both accidents, one in Ethiopia and the other one in Indonesia have been great misfortunes. Anyway, you should not be afraid to travel to Ethiopia, for example, because you have other airlines. For this reason, we want to recommend that you plan your trip and you obtain an Ethiopian tourist visa.

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