Discover the essence of Ethiopia through trekking!

First of all, it is a fact that Ethiopia remains a country virtually unknown for the rest of the world. In this article, you can see different hiking trails with which you can discover the essence of this wonderful country. Only trekking professionals in Ethiopia know these routes.

Please, read the following information to learn a little more of Ethiopia.

Trekking in Ethiopia

We recommend you to discover 5 different routes that will allow you to know the Ethiopian traditions and nature.

  • Salt caravans: this tour will allow you to learn more about salt transport. Certainly, when you arrive at the Salty Lake of Karouma, you can watch the dromedaries crossing the desert.
  • The volcanoes of Ethiopia: If you go to the northeast of the country you will find natural places formed by the spacing of the Arab and African plates. The landscape is very peculiar since yellow and orange colors predominate. Also, you will see salt columns, hot springs, sulfur mountains and gas geysers. In addition, if you visit the Great Rift Valley, you will see the Erta Ale volcano.
  • Simien National Park: it is the first national park in Ethiopia, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The trekking routes are accessible to the public and along the way you can see the famous Gélada baboons.
  • Balé National Park: it has some of the highest peaks in the country, including Mount Batu, which rises to 4600 meters. The hiking trails generally include: authentic urban crossings such as Dinsho, Garsayson meadows, Rafu pass, etc.
  • A cultural walk: you can visit historical and archaeological sites such as the Gheralta massif, the city of Aksum, Labilela, etc. You will discover all the legends and religious monuments that Ethiopia possesses.

After having mentioned these five routes, we recommend you ask about the itineraries and the information once there.

In conclusion, Ethiopia is a country with a lot of potential but is still unknown for many people. For this reason, we have wanted to introduce you to some trekking routes.

We hope you organize a trip to this wonderful country soon.  Don’t forget to fill out the Ethiopia visa form before starting your adventure.

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