Ethiopia VISA Requirements for US Citizens

The history of Ethiopia reaches to antiquity. 

Dutch scientist Gerrard Dekker found stone tools over a million years old there. Paleontologists have found the remains of our hominid ancestors that may date back over 4 million years.

Ethiopia is a land of lush beauty. It is called the “Roof of Africa” for its green mountain ranges. It also features the stunning beauty of the harsh desert.

Its people are historically fierce and independent. Over 80 ethnic groups there speak more than 88 recognized languages.

It is a country where ancient history meets a dynamic mood of growth. Ethiopia’s economy is among the fastest-growing in the world. The IMF anticipates it is growing at a rate of 7.4% per year.

Ethiopia is an attractive destination for American tourists. If you are considering a visit to this special place, you will need to know about an Ethiopia visa for US citizens.

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Do US citizens need a VISA for Ethiopia?

The US Department of State does not issue a visa or restrict travel by Americans to Ethiopia. Rather visas for travel to Ethiopia are controlled and issued by the Ethiopian government.

The Ethiopia Tourist Visa (eVisa) is the travel document tourists may present for a single entry into Ethiopia. It is valid for 90 days upon entry at the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

The eVisa is valid for tourist and non-business travel only. Americans who wish to visit Ethiopia for a non-tourist purpose will need to apply for one of the following visa classifications:

  • Conference Visa (CV)
  • Investment Visa (IV)
  • Foreign Business Firm Employment Visa (WV)
  • Ethiopian Government Employment Visa (GV)
  • Journalist Visa (JV)
  • Ethiopian Private Business Firm Work Visa (PE)
  • International Organizations/Embassies Work Visa (RI)
  • Government Institutions Short Task Visa (GIV)
  • NGO Work Visa (NV)

US citizens who wish to enter Ethiopia by land or at some point other than Bole must apply for a visa to the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, DC. 

Ethiopian authorities do not grant visas at any of the country’s land entries. 

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All American visitors to Ethiopia must meet these requirements:

  • US passport with at least six months left before expiration. 
  • The eVisa properly issued by Ethiopia.
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination in the form of a World Health Organization (WHO) card.

Along with information about the Ethiopia visa for US citizens, Americans should be aware of several important factors when planning a visit to Ethiopia.

Travelers to Ethiopia must be to follow the terms of their visas. The Ethiopia tourist visa does not permit you to take a job in Ethiopia, including volunteer employment. Misusing the tourist visa can result in fines or even imprisonment.

Visa status cannot be changed once you are inside Ethiopia. Visitors should make sure their visa status matches their intended activities in the country.

The US State Department notes that visitors to Ethiopia may hold up to 1,000 Ethiopian Birr (ETB) per trip. Foreign currency exceeding the equivalent of US$3,000 must be declared when entering the country.

If you depart Ethiopia with over US$3,000 in foreign currency, you must provide bank documentation or a current foreign currency customs declaration. 

Laptop computers and video equipment to be used for non-tourist purposes must be declared upon entry and departure.

How to get a VISA for Ethiopia from United States?

US residents may obtain an eVisa either in advance or upon arrival. 

Under the Visa on Arrival program US citizens or residents may obtain a visa at the airport once they reach Addis Ababa. The Visa on Arrival tourist visa is valid for three months.

However, waiting until arrival may interrupt your travel plans. According to the US State Department, travelers have reported long delays when trying to obtain their visas upon arrival.

The far more efficient choice is to apply for a visa in advance. Since June of 2017, the eVisa has been available online. This convenience also allows visa holders to check on and update the status of their visa once it is issued.

When deciding how to apply for a visa to Ethiopia for US citizens, there are many advantages to working with an established, reputable agency.

A conscientious agent will not only help you with the visa application process, but will also act as a source of knowledge about travel to Ethiopia.

For example, reminds customers that they will need a cholera certificate if they transit from a cholera-affected area within 6 days of arrival in Ethiopia. 

It acts only to help visitors obtain an Ethiopia visa from US or anywhere in the world. Its eVisa online application is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Visitors may expect support from Ethiopia visa experts 24 hours per day.

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