The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand

The media have created distrust among the population

The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand to the media that have created mistrust between the population and the armed forces. These began to defame after the failed uprising in June in the Amhara region.

On the other hand, Mohammed Tessema, the general director of Adoctrinamiento in the Defense Forces, has underlined the good work of the Army to restore stability after the assault.

For this reason, he has announced that the Army has finalized its preparations to file lawsuits against the media responsible for defaming the Armed Forces.

Certainly, Mohammed has confirmed that his office has gathered evidence to file such charges. Also, he has added that they work to restore peace in the country.

The death of Asaminew Tsige and the beginning of the conflict

Asamnew Tsige was the person who promoted the assault in Amhara. He died on June 24 during an operation around the capital of Amhara, Bahir Dar. Also, six senior Ethiopian officials were killed.

The problem is related to the historical disagreements between neighbouring states. Certainly, everything started when the reformist Abiy Ahmed came to power.

In conclusion, The Ethiopian Army presents a defamation demand due to there a people who defame false information.

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