The famous tribes of southern Ethiopia

The Ethiopian tribes and their traditions

We would like to introduce some of the peculiarities of southern Ethiopia. There, you will find the Omo and Mago National Parks, located near the border with Sudan. Around these parks, you will not only find fauna and flora but you can also see the famous tribes of southern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia gives you the opportunity to discover the tribes and their most legendary traditions. Certainly, they preserve all customs and live as decades ago. Next, we explain you three different ethnic populations.

Karo Tribe

First of all, the Karo population is located on the banks of the Omo River, and its main cities are Dous and Korcho. Mainly, they survive through agriculture, fishing and honey gathering, which often exchange products with other tribes. They use a dialect of the Hamer language to communicate.

On the other hand, they are characterized by their body paintings. Men use abstract paintings and women decorate their heads and arms with flowers, colored necklaces and bracelets.

Also, the Ethiopian government gives them weapons to have some vigilance on the border with Kenya. At the same time, the government is trying to eradicate the abandonment of newborns with some disease.

Mursi Tribe

The Mursi tribe lives in the lowlands of Junka, a small town in the south. They are a total of 10,000 members approximately and they come from the current Sudan. Certainly, they are very aggressive when tourists invade their territory.

Their main economic activity is the cattle and they survive feeding on a mixture of blood and cow’s milk. Also, they make exchanges with other tribes.

In addition, this population is known throughout the world for its clothing and body ornamentation. Women decorate their face with wooden or ceramic plates on their lips, and men paint white geometric drawings all over their bodies.

Hamer Tribe

The Hamer population is one of the most traditional in Ethiopia and one of the most numerous (40.000 members approx.). They are located near Turkana Lake, in the Omo Region.

Also, they work in agriculture and currently organize different markets in Turmi and Dimmeka. They sell coffee, tobacco, spices, etc.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that women have a secondary role and still do not have the right to choose their husband. In addition, the single woman wears colorful necklaces and the married woman with metal necklaces.

Unfortunatly, they keep doing one of the worst rituals: throw newborns into the river when they do not know who the father is.

Finally, these famous tribes of southern Ethiopia are not the only ones, there are many others like Ari, Banna, Bacha, Bodi, etc.

We hope you will be encouraged to visit these tribes and do not forget to apply for ethiopian visa to enter the territory. Currently, it is a mandatory document.

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