Four people killed in clashes between security forces and the Sidama

Four people killed in clashes

We would like to inform you about the terrible events that happened in Ethiopia last week. Unfortunately, there have been four people killed in clashes between security forces and the Sidama community.

Different data and opinions

Firstly, the Ethiopian authorities have confirmed the deaths of 4 people due the Sidama fight to be a new independent region in the country.

On the other hand, hospital sources through the British television network BBC have announced that the total number of deaths has been 25 people.

Also, opposition groups and activists have confirmed up to 60 fatalities.

The real facts

Both sides are to blame, since the security forces and the Sidamas killed people.

Regardless of these facts, the leader Sidama decided to postpone the proclamation of independence after the electoral commission assured a referendum.

Certainly, the Ethiopian Constitution guarantees the right to hold referendums. However, the community of Sidamas granted a period of time without the Ethiopian authorities having organized the referendum.

Growing instability

Ethiopia has reached instability in recent months. For this reason, the central authorities fear episodes of inter-community violence. The emergence of new demands for autonomy could weaken the central administration.

We will inform you about the new facts and the evolution. Above all, do not forget to apply for an Ethiopia tourist visa in case you travel to the country.

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