Tips for travelling to Ethiopia

In this article, we want to give you some tips for travelling to Ethiopia. It is important to know certain things when you travel to countries totally different from yours.

Our tips…

1. Disease prevention: you should know that Malaria and other diseases are present in Ethiopia. Certainly, it is very important to get vaccinated to prevent yellow fever.

2. Food products: first of all, we recommend to eat the hotel food and especially do not consume fish and meat from lakes or ponds. On the other hand, you can taste typical products such as the khat, the traditional beer and coffee, the Tej (came with honey), etc.

3. Important sites to visit: Danakil’s depression, the Omo Valley, the churches of Tigray, Hawassa and Harar.

4. Water potability: tap water is not drinkable so you should drink bottled water.

5. Accommodation: The western chains require a reservation, otherwise if you go to much cheaper establishments you will not need to make a previous booking. One of the most popular tools for making hotel reservations is

6. Public toilets: you should not throw the toilet paper in the toilet, you must throw it in the trash. The pipes can be easily clogged.

7. Visa for Ethiopia: You need a visa to enter the country. It is a mandatory transaction.

8. Monetary system: it is essential to bring enough cash since ATMs and credit cards are only officially accepted in hotels and travel agencies.

9. Trip length: The minimum stay should be 2 weeks, but if it is longer, is better.

Finally, there are thousands of things you should know before travelling, but it is impossible to name all. We will give you more tips for travelling to Ethiopia in the next articles.

As we mentioned earlier, keep in mind that you will need an Ethiopia Travel Visa to enter the country. This is the first step before embarking on the trip.

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